A masters student at
A recent graduate of NYU's ITP.

I like python, javascript, css (apparently), and making pizza.

Previously, I worked in DC for nonprofits & campaigns doing web.

Over the weekend my YayTM got posted to Hackaday. Very cool except I'd failed to post documentation or source code, and the comments on this site were broken. I was notably called a "goober" and an "immature sociopath", among other things. Getting insulted by the Internet is cool, a rite of passage even, and nothing to be taken personally or seriously, but some of the comments were totally valid. I should have documented this thing. So here we go, after the nonjump.

The image above is of some sketches I did trying to figure out how the dance detection would work, and how to build the acrylic box. Source code of the actual processing sketch is available here, but it's totally and completely awful code that I can't recommend reading in good conscience, but be my guest. I should have written or found some sort of scripting/events system. Next time.

The bill dispenser was ten dollars used on ebay and was manufactured by ICT. I burned out the circuit board pretty quickly while messing around with it, but the motor continued to work, so with a little cajoling and the installation of my own LED and sensor, I was able to dispense dollar bills using an Arduino and Processing.

Below is a video of me using the YayTM. It was right at the end of the show (you can hear people cheering) so the bill dispenser is a little wonky and at the wrong angle, so dispensed two dollars instead of one.

Any other questions?