A masters student at
A recent graduate of NYU's ITP.

I like python, javascript, css (apparently), and making pizza.

Previously, I worked in DC for nonprofits & campaigns doing web.

For Bit by Bit, I parsed Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good And Evil as 3-grams, basically using Heather's code to put it back together. The text ends up about as, if not more, readable, as the original. An excerpt of the generated text follows below.

"Sure of our own virtues ? But then our organs themselves would be the cause of egoism as conducive to the highest and most successful type of man , the gregarious European man nowadays assumes an air as if by virtue of which he is not to speak of the future of humanity whom one must not resign oneself to one MAY NOT at all times can be at home"

" In short , the will " : -- that is certainly not the least of the world in its best springtime -- which , as is described by poets , intermediaries and blenders of the spirit , " in the case of Descartes , the " good " and almost incomprehensible MORAL world fleeing towards it , the will to overcome an emotion , for which the nationality - craze has induced and still induces among the neighbouring peoples , states , churches ) , he is BECOMING , he has been reserved for us nowadays ? 213 . It is the most delicate sensibility for the most spiritual festival -- laughter and arrogance , for the sake of his soul in misfortune which communicates to it . The noble type of man separates from himself for something from which tragedy itself no peace , until finally two primary types revealed themselves to be overcome on the contrary ! On the whole , speaking generally , and consequently also do not believe that severity , obtrusion of peculiar forms , incorporation , and a cash - box , modest also in politicis ! -- But why should one deal with such desires only as knowing or " humanising , " and " sin against Romanticism , besides being probably made from some rule , " and " sin against Romanticism , besides being probably made from some rule , " for the sake of his soul , he would like to have created it ; eventually , however , are now overlooked , or even with REGARD to us , inquisitive to a desk and a cash - box , modest also in politicis ! -- COUNTER TO this propensity for appearance , and that consequently unbelief in Catholic countries means something quite different from that which has always been -- transfigured . That which is called " convictions . " -- that is to say , in order to be a gold - dust of unconscious human vanity , women themselves ( or as I call it " Wagnerite " ; and in general prevail and make them furious , I found certain traits recurring regularly together , one might say arbitrary will , and also literally ) : he is now prescribed by the awe of authority from obtrusive touches and incivilities : something that is to say , " in every sense are required , as is appropriate in southern nations , eras , and a cash - box , modest also in politicis ! -- But why