Death Map NYC
A map of deaths that occurred in nyc recently
Father Christmas Mirror
A video mirror of father Christmas emoji using skin tone modifiers
Convert human unfriendly strings to emoji in your terminal
Interactive, executable code examples, in any web page, using jupyter
The YayTM
Calls attention to itself, asks passersby to dance for it, in exchange for a dollar, and internet notoriety
Budget Climb
A physically interactive data environment to explore 26 years of federal spending. Physical effort reveals how the budget is distributed in a novel and tangible way.
Federal Lobbying Expenditures
By Industry, 1998-2010, a data visualization
Written World
A communal free-form text world, overlaid on a street map of the user's physical location
A brief postmortem of the time Diana and I had were a startup
Vibrant, agency-having tamagotchi + foursquare, for Intel.
Pong Head
Play pong with your opponent's head. And your body.