A masters student at
A recent graduate of NYU's ITP.

I like python, javascript, css (apparently), and making pizza.

Previously, I worked in DC for nonprofits & campaigns doing web.

For Clay Shirky's class, we built an experiment, based on Andrew Badr's

We placed a free-form text canvas on top of Google maps and added geolocation to see what happens when we combined online chat with the pre-existing relationships that are inherent to physical location and real-world places.

Initially, we only allowed New York. We've removed that restriction, but haven't really been promoting it, so the rest of the world is pretty blank.

Check it out:

The Future

I'm rewriting this project from scratch for my ITP masters thesis. I'll be adding features like zooming, location search, subworlds, and realtime cursors.

The original project was written in python using django, and a whole lot of javascript. My new version will be all javascript, as I'll be sampling this nodejs koolaid. It also won't use google maps, because I'm worried about their quotas, and being closed source, it's difficult to debug.