A brief postmortem of the time Diana and I had were a startup

In the summer of 2011, between our two years at ITP, Diana Huang and I were accepted into a startup incubator called Seed Start with a product which was tentatively named Learny, and eventually was renamed Guidesly. Our pitch video is below.

The product itself was a platform to allow non technical people to create interactive, media rich content, mostly step by step guides. In truth, I wanted to recreate Hypercard for web & mobile, and the how-to space seemed like a good place to start.

Clearly it was an extremely ambitious project, and while we made some good progress, the pressures of building the actual product, participating in the incubator, pitching investors, and finishing grad school lead to us never really launching. Since then, Snapguide has launched the closest existing product to what we were trying to build, though it's a lot more linear than what we were working on.

While neither of us have time to work on it, we realized we might as well open source it. So here's a link to the github repo. Warning: It's more than a little rough around the edges.